The Kind Approach:

Rachel’s great passion is long-distance riding, and her classes bring the worlds of indoor and outdoor cycling together. Kind classes are centered on teaching proper form and riding techniques, allowing for her riders to achieve maximum calorie burn and muscle gains. She emphasizes effectual breathing and mental techniques that foster optimal blood oxygen absorption and endurance, making her classes ideal for the studio rider and outdoor rider alike.

Forever the music buff, the soundtracks to her rides are equally as important to Rachel – she’s the cycling instructor with the soul (and library) of a DJ! The flows of her playlists are the motivating pulse for her riders and keep her classes exciting and fun.
Her music transcends the typical top 40 and includes something for everyone.

Above all else, Rachel believes in being kind in mind, body, and soul. She loves what she does and is always her happiest with pedals under her feet. Come try a class, to feel what it is to be one of the kind!

Kind Instructors (left to right) Kim, Clark, Rachel, & Ayla


Rise & Kind / Noon Kind / Night Kind – A metabolism revving morning/afternoon pick-me-up. This class is fun and fast paced with emphasis in the rider’s strength and endurance zones. Regular attendees will build core and leg power, torch fat, and increase cardio-vascular abilities.
• 45 minutes
• All Levels

Kind Warrior – Take your riding to the next level by turning up the resistance and pushing the flywheel faster. Rider’s will learn proper form and breathing techniques to push gains further. Regular attendees will build lean muscle, torch fat, and significantly improve cardio-vascular abilities.
• 60 minutes
• Intermediate to Advanced

Booty Boost – 25 minutes of cycling and 20 minutes of exercises off the bike, targeting your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back for an all around booty shaping workout. Regular attendees will build muscle, sculpt and tone their legs and booty, and increase core strength.
• Women only
• 45 minutes
• All levels

Tabata-Fusion – 20 minutes of fast paced cycling followed by 20 minutes of high intensity interval work off the bike. This is a full body workout, intended to put you on the fast track to improved cardiovascular abilities and physical strength. Regular attendees will build muscle, burn fat, and strengthen the legs, core, and upper body. Modifications provided.
• 45 minutes
•All levels

Ab Attack — Strengthen and tone your middle! This class is 25 minutes of core-focused cycling, followed by 15 minutes of core work off the bike. Modifications provided.
• 45 minutes
• All levels

Turn Up Dance — A HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) inspired dance fitness workout. You’ll work, shake, bump, and slay your way through popular songs, while torching major calories and toning your whole body!
• 60 minutes
• All levels

Power Hooping—Make exercise fun again! This energizing class combines weighted hula hoop intervals, strength training with dumbbells, and body resistance exercises. Regular attendees will trim, tone, and define every major muscle group!
• 45 minutes
• All levels

Locker rooms, showers, towels, and 20 minutes of sauna time are included with every class!

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